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Too Much Debt

How Much Debt is Too Much?

Did you know that if you have no debt and $10 in your pocket, then you are richer than 15% of all American households? It’s shocking but true. America is in debt and not getting out of it any time soon. What Lies In Your Debt can help you manage your debt and determine the best […]

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Dispute a debt

How to Dispute a Debt Effectively

In most cases, when a creditor calls you, it is going to be about your debt. There are certain situations where a creditor asks you to repay the debt, but it is not the correct time, amount, or even your debit. You are probably facing financial challenges already, and now you have to dispute a […]

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Negotiate credit card debt

How to Negotiate Your Credit Card Debt With a Few Tricks

It is the end of the month, and once again you find yourself in a stressful situation – you are able to pay only 50% of your monthly debt repayment, and your credit company doesn’t seem very patient with you. Credit card debts are classified under the unsecured debt group – what this means is that […]

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Secured versus unsecured debt

Secured vs Unsecured Debt: How is an Unsecured Debt Different to a Secured One?

While being in debt is never an ideal position to be in, becoming a debtor is sometimes inevitable. Whether you need quick cash for paying monthly bills, or you are applying for a student loan, you should know that debt repayment is a long and exhausting process which is pretty stressful unless you have an effective […]

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